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Prices cabins 2018

1950 kr21ja
21030 kr41jaja
31030 kr41jaja
41300 kr63jaja
51300 kr63ja
6750 kr2jaja
7890 kr2jaja
8890 kr2jaja
9890 kr2jaja
101200 kr62jaja
11750 kr2jaja


Prices Caravans and Campers / tents 2018

20 sites with power access. Ocean view from most sites. Sanitary building with 6 family bathrooms, kitchen facilities, laundry room. Free access to hot/cold water.

Price per day: NOK 250 (For 2 persons. + NOK 40 per person more than 2 persons)
Power NOK 50 per day.

Tents: From NOK 150,- (one person) + NOK 40 per person extra.


Prices boats 2018:

More information about the boats

TypePris/døgn eks bensinLengdeMotorEkkolodd/GPS 
Kvalø50016 fot15 hk Suzukinei
Kvalø50016 fot15 hk Suzukinei
Robust85018 fot50 hk Suzukija
Kværnø85019 fot50 hk Suzukija
Kværnø90019 fot60 hk Suzukija
Kaasbøll90019 fot60 hk Suzukija
Kaasbøll95019 fot70 hk Suzukija